Post-primary: my thoughts and gratitude

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never seen a local school board election affected by as many polarizing issues as I did this year.

Over the course of a couple months leading to the primary election, I was asked for my opinion on a range of topics including abortion, firearms, critical race theory, lockdowns, mask wearing, and what news sources I rely on. But the most prevalent question – are you a Republican or a Democrat?

Issues normally dominated at the national stage were now flowing down to local school board elections which are typically non-partisan. The Philadelphia Inquirer even published an article on the phenomenon.

There were definitely days I had more residents telling me why they weren’t voting for me instead of why they were. A few were even downright nasty. That can certainly make the entire process discouraging.

“You need to have a thick skin to be in public office.” I’ve been told that for years by a number of people. I can personally attest to the adage now, but I knew what I was signing up for from the beginning.

At the end of election day, the outcome was overwhelming to me. As of this writing, the unofficial results show that I received a total of 2,718 votes from both parties in the primary election; 1,596 from Republicans and 1,122 from Democrats.

I walked away with the second highest number of votes in each party and the highest overall votes when compared to the candidates. I’m truly blessed for the amount of support I received.

The results guarantee my spot in the general election and I’m joined with Tim Morgan, Julia Shaffer, and Andrea Battler in that contest for four openings on the school board.

For those that voted for me in the primary, I thank you. For those that didn’t, I hope I can earn your trust.

Jason Mell is running for a 4-year term on the Exeter Township School Board. He is a Planning Commissioner for Exeter Township and the former owner of The Exeter Informant. To read more about Jason, visit