‘Wingspan’ proposals show promise for community

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Minor presented four ideas at Tuesday’s school board meeting that outlined proposed initiatives that seek to enhance the student experience. The initiatives, dubbed as ‘Wingspan’ proposals, could have a positive impact on students and the community at large if they win board support.

The four initiatives introduced include the following:

  • Enhanced bus and van travel for K-12 activities
  • Student-supported cafe at the senior high library
  • First Lego League for K-6 graders
  • Playground with support for special needs students and the disabled

The district is not mandated to implement any of these proposals, but I support that we’re at least looking into ideas that benefit our students and the broader community.

Over several years, I’ve heard from many residents stating their disappointment with recreational businesses leaving and playgrounds being torn down. Ideas to build back our community feel overdue.

Funding these initiatives would remain a concern for me but it is worth noting that all of them will be piloted or planned without the use of district funds. The tax burden is still heavy on our residents, so any use of taxpayer funds should be met with scrutiny if it comes to that.

The playground, the largest plan of the group, has estimated costs of $250,000, however the type of playground is unique to the area and may pull donations across the county to fully fund it.

I’m hopeful we can continue this trend and invest the time and energy for future ideas that benefit our schools and community.

The board will meet again for a voting meeting on Tuesday, October 19, 7 p.m. at the Lausch Administration Building.

Jason Mell is running for a 4-year term on the Exeter Township School Board. He is a Planning Commissioner for Exeter Township and the former owner of The Exeter Informant. To read more about Jason, visit jasonmell.com.